Total Destruction for Audit Tracking

ARMS uses specialized equipment in the destruction of hard drives and micro media, ensuring the digital information they contain is completely unreadable.

Hard drive destruction involves scanning device bar codes for audit tracking purposes, followed by mechanically punching the drive with more than 50,000 pounds of force. Customers receive electronic documentation and certificates of destruction once the process is complete.

ARMS also breaks down micro media such as microfilm and microfiche into small, unreadable particulates. The process meets Department of Defense specifications for reducing particulates to 1/64 of an inch. We also offer degaussing technology that renders media storage units unreadable beyond the extreme physical destruction.

Benefits of using ARMS for Hard Drive & Media Destruction

  • Physical destruction guarantees data eradication
  • Compliance and regulations
  • Audit tracking
  • Electronic certificate of destruction
  • Mobile or plant-based solutions
  • Meets DOD specifications
    • NAID AAA certification

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