Protect Trade Secrets from Economic Espionage

Manufacturers have access to a vast collection of their own and customers’ trade secrets that could result in financial disaster should they fall into the wrong hands. That is just one of the reasons manufacturers need a strong information management infrastructure to ensure their security of their sensitive information. Manufacturing companies deal with patents, blueprints and product-specific process information that is vital to sustained success. In addition, federal compliance regulations hold manufacturers accountable for the security of all information.

Most manufacturers face records challenges including:

  • Having policies in place to meet confidentiality regulations
  • Wasting valuable staff time searching for documents, blueprints and other plans
  • Significant records storage and retrieval issues that grow as the business expands

The specialists at ARMS, Inc., are here to help

Taking on information management challenges on your own can be time-consuming and expensive. The good news is protecting your company’s information assets and doing it correctly is just a phone call away. The experts at ARMS, Inc., have the resources to protect your valuable information with solutions tailored for manufacturers of any size.

Leverage our expertise for secure information management.

ARMS’s team of information management experts can help you mitigate the risks and costs associated with onsite storage of manufacturing and other corporate information. We have experience dealing with physical and digital assets, and building processes that meet your need for access and security. Contact us at 877-764-2767 or email for a no-obligation quote today.

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