Managing Healthcare Records

Providing high quality medical care to your patients is your main priority.  Making sure your practice has the best tools to provide outstanding care is our mission.  Ensuring your practice is maintaining compliance, storing and managing your patient healthcare information and making the necessary transition from paper to electronic medical records can be daunting talks, but, they’re more important now than ever.

Is your practice challenged to?

  • Find cost effective ways to store large amounts of patient information?
  • Maintain a quick and easy process for retrieving needed medical records?
  • Make a transition to Electronic Medical records?
  • Provide adequate measures for storing data that meets HIPAA requirements?

 ARMS Can Help…

Smart, hybrid information management solutions from ARMS can give your practice the tools you need to manage off-site or onsite medical records and paper or electronic patient medical information.  ARMS can help minimize the need to use expensive office space for storage, ensure accessibility to authorized users, increase personnel productivity, and fully comply with a growing number of regulations.  In addition, we can assist you with your medical record scanning projects, guide you through the transition from paper to electronic records and provide secure electronic transmission of all of your informant information.

ARMS manages

  • Medical Records
  • Patient Accounting Records
  • X-Ray / Cine Films
  • Fetal Heart Monitors
  • Path. Slides and Parafin Blocks

We are your partner to help you overcome your healthcare challenges.

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