City, County, State, Federal, Whatever Your Records Storage Needs Are, ARMS Can Help

All areas of Government face unique challenges, but a tested system and ARMS approach to information management challenges can benefit any sector of government service.

Questions to ask your office:

  • Does your staff know the exact location of all your public documents?
  • Would you be able to present any requested public documents in a timely manner?
  • Does your department operations under a Retention Schedule?
  • How is that retention schedule managed

The experts at ARMS can help.

ARMS will help you find a solution to securely store, maintain and access all Wisconsin Public Records, making them available whenever you need them most, in accordance with the requirements of HIPPA.  We know the challenges and we understand the potential implications of not complying with the Wisconsin State Statutes.  Reduce your risk of litigation and compliance issues with smart consultation of ARMS.

  • Do you need to organize your records?
  • Learn more about records management tools available through ARMS.
  • Do you need to make information available to staff, constituents and other interested parties by digitizing records and storing on an ultra-secure, web accessible repository?
  • Learn more about document scanning solutions through ARMS.
  • Do you need to destroy obsolete records?
  • Learn more about ARMS Certified Information Destruction Services.

Benefit from ARMS expertise.

ARMS tailors solutions to meet your individualized needs and will help reduce the amount of records you store in your office, while still providing quick and easy access 24/7/365.  Using cutting edge systems, we store, we manage, and track all your information using unique barcodes and point of delivery scanning technology.  Our team has been serving Wisconsin Towns, Villages, Cities, and Counties for over 30 years.  We will consult and assist you with meeting all your legal requirements.

As an agency of department, or political subdivision, partnering with ARMS can help you meet your legal requirements to improve your business processes and reduce expenditures.

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