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Whether you are in a public school district, private K-12 school or a post-secondary institution your information management program is critical your success. Educational organizations, public or private, are continually challenged with the proper maintenance of both student and district records. Section 149.41 of the Wisconsin State Statues requires that each public school district have a district records commission and spells out the duties of that commission.

ARMS is Your Partner

Smart solutions from ARMS, INC. can help your educational organization:

  • Create and/or revise your retention program
  • Dispose of records that are beyond any retention requirement but not scheduled
  • Identify and provide extra protection for vital, historical and archival records
  • Student Records storage / Student Record Imaging and Scanning services
  • Administrative Records storage and Scanning services
  • Email Management / eDiscovery and Records Compliance Management
  • Create electronic forms and deploy enterprise content management solutions

Post-secondary institutions – whether public or private – must keep accurate records and comply with a variety of privacy laws related to student information. FERPA and other Federal regulations must be followed.

No matter the level of education provided, it’s just good business to have a robust and compliant information management program. Creating and maintaining only the records you need makes smart business sense. Keeping information only for the required retention periods allows you to minimize storage costs (whether hardcopy or electronic) and also to minimize risks related to litigation.

Partnering with ARMS, INC. means experience

ARMS, INC. has been a provider of innovative and proven solutions to the State of Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula of Michigan areas for over 30 years. Contact the experts at ARMS, INC. now for a no obligation education information management quote.

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