Hard Drive Destruction Critical to Information Security

Hard Drive Destruction From ARMS Ensures Complete Unreadability

hard drive destructionDE PERE, Wis. – In the age of digital data, digital security becomes paramount. You make sure your accounts are properly encoded, your mainframes are under lock and key, and after you’re done with your equipment you need to make sure your digital information is just as secure with proper hard drive destruction by Automated Records Management Systems (ARMS).

“You wouldn’t let your professional documents leave your establishment without being properly shredded and disposed of,” says Eric Haas, president and CEO of ARMS. “Why would you take a chance with your hard drives?”

ARMS has a process of hard drive destruction that physically demolishes the device. With over 50,000 pounds of force, ARMS ensures complete unreadability. The destruction process is preceded by a scanning and cataloging of the barcode of each individual device. This allows ARMS to properly audit the process and deliver accurate documentation and certificates of destruction to the customer.

ARMS provides full-service information management services. In addition to hard drive destruction, ARMS provides confidential destruction of media and documents, storage and e-Backup solutions. For more information about how ARMS can dispose of your hard drives, please call 877-764-2767.

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