ARMS traces its roots to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Liebmann family, which emigrated from Germany to northeast Wisconsin in the late 1800s. The family farm transitioned to a butcher shop and a small meat packing operation, and later to one of the largest meat packing companies in the Midwest. Liebmann Packing Company served the national beef industry until its sale in 1972 under the guidance of Ed and Herb Liebmann, Leonard Liebmann, and eventually Leonard and Ruth Liebmann’s son, Michael.

Michael formed ARMS in 1983 after visiting his cousin, who worked for a commercial records center in California. Mike was impressed by the distribution setting and the company’s records management systems. Mike drafted a business plan upon returning to Wisconsin for his own commercial records center, and with the help of his parents, ARMS was born late in 1983.

ARMS’s original location on North Broadway in Green Bay, Wisconsin, was in a WWII-era building that once housed a corrugated container plant for Green Bay Packaging. The business grew steadily and ARMS was able to add a secure media vault for the storage and management of computer media.

It soon became evident that ARMS would need more space to accommodate its growing customer base, and in 1996 the company acquired a building at its current location in De Pere, Wisconsin. The facility featured a 25,000-square-foot records center and a custom-built, five-hour fire vault.

Mike sold a percentage of the business in late 2005 to his nephew, Eric Haas, who brought a background in corporate America to the management team. Sadly, Mike passed away in 2006 and Eric acquired the rest of the company in 2007.

ARMS continued to grow under Eric’s leadership, entering the secure certified shredding market and soon becoming the largest independent shredding provider in the area. ARMS then entered the scanning market, helping customers digitally convert records, large-format drawings, books, microfilm and microfiche. This led to a natural expansion into selling enterprise document management and workflow automation solutions software.

Today, the ARMS campus has tripled to include 75,000 square feet of records center. We have completed six acquisitions and serve more than 4,000 customers of all sizes while becoming a leading vertically integrated information management company.

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