Trust and Security

Protecting the sensitive business and personal information under your control is an important responsibility, and one in which partnering with an expert can enhance your level of safety exponentially.

Automated Records Management Systems, Inc. (ARMS) specializes in the protection, secure destruction, and management of physical and digital information for organizations throughout Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We provide customized off-site information management solutions and cost-effective alternatives to devoting your own valuable facility space for self-storage.

Protecting What Matters Most

Secure, protect and manage your valuable business records with smart and affordable storage solutions from ARMS, Inc.




Active Records Management

ARMS is a trusted expert in off-site document and media storage, data protection and records management for organizations throughout Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Secure and reliable records management from ARMS provides multiple business benefits as your volume of records and space dedicated to document storage increases.

Data Protection & Vaulting

Access to our software and data inventory systems is limited to ARMS employees with network, operating system and application passwords. Our software allows for additional limited access to container inventory only by approved users.

Secure Destruction/Shredding

ARMS employs all reasonable means to guarantee the security of shredded materials, stored documents, and other physical and digital assets containing sensitive information.

Document Management & Imaging

Workflow automation software from ARMS can help your organizations realize improved levels of efficiency with regard to document workflow, mobile access, and integration with the business software you use most.

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